Thursday, June 23, 2011

Very Primitive Americana Hats..............

I came up with the easiest and funnest craft project a couple years ago. You know how every season you find the weird hats, that no one really ever wears at the dollar stores? I've seen Fourth of July hats, and St. Patricks day hats, they are the ones that are made with felt!
WEll, no one ever really wears them, I came up with this easy and fun craft project, even a 3 year old can make. Check these out! Anyone can make these, all you need is some cotton, glitter, a few buttons or some little bells, and some brown paint with a paint brush, and as I always say  GLITTER!!
 You can actually rust the little craft bells you get at the craft store, by simply putting them in a bowl or cup of Coke for a couple of days, thats how I rusted these little bells, instead of bells old buttons look great as well. I also hung some of my printable tags on these hats, to give them even more of a fun look!

Simply take your dollar store hat, stuff it with cotton, if you want you can hot glue a piece of fabric underneath to cover your cotton hole. Then glue on some buttons wherever you want. Dilute your brown paint with water, paint your hat all over where you want the aged look to be with your diluted brown paint and water. Then Sprinkle glitter all over it! There you have it, an old primitive looking hat. Perfect for the Fourth of July or any Americana home decor! Perfect for setting on the table some where as a decoration! :) 

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