Monday, May 30, 2011

Free Pattern...........

I used one basic pattern for the following three types of dolls. There is a Grubby Snowman, A Raggedy Ann Rag Baby, and a simple Raggedy Ann with a heart. You can use this pattern for all three. I have also sewed the Raggedy Ann with the heart, then wrapped it in an old cutter quilt piece, which makes it look like a little baby wrapped in a blanket! This is a very fun and easy basic pattern, with so many options, just use your imagination, and have fun!

 The bottom of these dolls were wrapped in strips of fabric to create a "rag ball" look. I call them my Raggedy Rag Babies. I simply hot glued strips of fabric as I wrapped it along the bottom of these dolls. I tied bundles of red yard, which I then glued on their head to create the hair. I painted their faces with craft paint, you can even use a crackle affect with crackle paint. Then I simply added a felt heart with hot glue,  you could sew the heart on for a more professional look. Very cute and easy! Fine glitter adds a very nice sparkly touch to these dolls!
 These snowmen were made with the same pattern, only all you have to do is paint the faces on with craft paint, you don't have to worry about the hair, and you simply tie a strip of fabric for a little scarf, I cut out hearts from old quilts to clue on their chest, you can also get socks, and cut them up for hats. I made a cinnamon and tea solution with hot water to stain them, and make them look old! Add glitter for a nice sparkly touch! You can add little hang tags too, if you want to!
 Here is my old grubby Raggedy Ann Doll. She too is made with the same pattern, but you just glue a felt heart, or a cutter quilt heart, then you stain her with the cinnamon and tea solution to make her look very old and dirty! These were a big seller. Then do the same steps for her face and hair! Add Glitter!!!!
 Here is a set of three dolls as above. They are great bowl stuffers and shelf sitters! Very simple to make. Once you start making these dolls you won't be able to stop! Its  quite addicting!

Finally the pattern is above. simply click on it, and when it comes up on your screen you can choose your "save as" option and save it to your hard drive or just print it out on your computer. I hope you can see it okay! It should come up larger once you click on it! Have fun, and if you use this pattern I would love to know how you liked it!

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