Free Printables

Here is an easier access to all my Free Printables. To use them you simply click on the image, then you wait for it to show up larger on your screen. Then you can choose "file"- then-"Save As"- then name the file and save it to your hard drive in the folder you want it. You can also just choose "print" When you see the page on your screen larger and alone! It should be as simple as that! Have fun, and add glitter! 

Remember my Free digital Printables are for your personal use only. I don't care if you resell them in their printed form. You can not resell my digital images. They are copyrighted by me, I take a lot of my time creating designs for you to print for free, so don't take advantage and sell digital images that I have put alot of work into! Thank you, and have fun! Check back often for more free patterns and printables.