Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Printable Bookmarks...................

My daughter Hannah keeps complaining that she doesn't have any book marks for her reading books, so I thought what the heck, I will design some in Photoshop! I took old feed sack fabric images off the internet, cut rectangles out, and measured them out on a standard letter size paper. I love old feed sack fabrics. My grandmother use to talk about making quilts out of feed sacks all the time. The colors are just so vibrant and beautiful. Here is a sheet of Feed sack book marks. You can print them, and laminate them for a perfect colorful bookmark that will last a long time. I recommend printing it on either clear transparency paper, or card stock! Punch a hole in the top to add ribbon. Have fun and add some glitter, for a pretty sparkle!

Simply click on the sheet of bookmarks, when it shows up larger on your screen, you can either save it to your hard drive, or print from there. Remember all my digital images are copyrighted by me and can only be used for personal use and craft boutique use. You may not resell my digital images. You can give people a link to my blog where they can then print them as well! Let me know how you like these. I am working on some made from old quilt photos! 

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