Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Printable Bookmarks...................

My daughter Hannah keeps complaining that she doesn't have any book marks for her reading books, so I thought what the heck, I will design some in Photoshop! I took old feed sack fabric images off the internet, cut rectangles out, and measured them out on a standard letter size paper. I love old feed sack fabrics. My grandmother use to talk about making quilts out of feed sacks all the time. The colors are just so vibrant and beautiful. Here is a sheet of Feed sack book marks. You can print them, and laminate them for a perfect colorful bookmark that will last a long time. I recommend printing it on either clear transparency paper, or card stock! Punch a hole in the top to add ribbon. Have fun and add some glitter, for a pretty sparkle!

Simply click on the sheet of bookmarks, when it shows up larger on your screen, you can either save it to your hard drive, or print from there. Remember all my digital images are copyrighted by me and can only be used for personal use and craft boutique use. You may not resell my digital images. You can give people a link to my blog where they can then print them as well! Let me know how you like these. I am working on some made from old quilt photos! 

A beautiful day, with some flowers for you...........

I am so excited the weather seems to be warming up! I am getting so excited for my summer adventures, here are some more fun printables. I collected these images off the internet, then I combined them on a collage sheet. I have two little girls who are six and eight. I originally created this collage sheet for them. They were decorating some little wooden boxes. These images are perfect for deco-paging most anything! You can print them at home on sticker paper, photo paper, card stock, and if you print them on clear transparencies, they really create a cool affect with a colored or patterned paper behind! I have even printed them on iron on transfers, which gives you so many possibilities! This printable is for personal use only. All my digital images are copyrighted by me and are not to be resold in their digital form. Print them, create anything you want, for resell at craft boutiques. I would love pictures of your ideas. I have also printed them on clear transparencies and placed them on little glass votive holders. You simply print them, cut them out, and use spray adhesive to stick them on glass votive candle holders!  I would like some feedback so I know how people like my printables! :) Have fun, and like I always say ADD GLITTER!!! Glitter makes everything better, in my opinion!

Simply click on the image, and when you see it on your screen in its larger form, save the file to your hard drive or print it from there! These will print out wonderfully on anything your home printer will print on! Have fun, and send me your ideas, oh and don't forget the ...... Glitter! :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Free Pattern...........

I used one basic pattern for the following three types of dolls. There is a Grubby Snowman, A Raggedy Ann Rag Baby, and a simple Raggedy Ann with a heart. You can use this pattern for all three. I have also sewed the Raggedy Ann with the heart, then wrapped it in an old cutter quilt piece, which makes it look like a little baby wrapped in a blanket! This is a very fun and easy basic pattern, with so many options, just use your imagination, and have fun!

 The bottom of these dolls were wrapped in strips of fabric to create a "rag ball" look. I call them my Raggedy Rag Babies. I simply hot glued strips of fabric as I wrapped it along the bottom of these dolls. I tied bundles of red yard, which I then glued on their head to create the hair. I painted their faces with craft paint, you can even use a crackle affect with crackle paint. Then I simply added a felt heart with hot glue,  you could sew the heart on for a more professional look. Very cute and easy! Fine glitter adds a very nice sparkly touch to these dolls!
 These snowmen were made with the same pattern, only all you have to do is paint the faces on with craft paint, you don't have to worry about the hair, and you simply tie a strip of fabric for a little scarf, I cut out hearts from old quilts to clue on their chest, you can also get socks, and cut them up for hats. I made a cinnamon and tea solution with hot water to stain them, and make them look old! Add glitter for a nice sparkly touch! You can add little hang tags too, if you want to!
 Here is my old grubby Raggedy Ann Doll. She too is made with the same pattern, but you just glue a felt heart, or a cutter quilt heart, then you stain her with the cinnamon and tea solution to make her look very old and dirty! These were a big seller. Then do the same steps for her face and hair! Add Glitter!!!!
 Here is a set of three dolls as above. They are great bowl stuffers and shelf sitters! Very simple to make. Once you start making these dolls you won't be able to stop! Its  quite addicting!

Finally the pattern is above. simply click on it, and when it comes up on your screen you can choose your "save as" option and save it to your hard drive or just print it out on your computer. I hope you can see it okay! It should come up larger once you click on it! Have fun, and if you use this pattern I would love to know how you liked it!

More Free Grubby Hang Tags

Just click on the tags below, when they appear on your screen you can choose your "save as" option, and save image to your computer where you can then print them on your home printer. Add pictures to them if you want to. You can also click and choose your "print" option. This image is copyrighted by me, and cannot be resold for profit in its digital form. The tags are for your own personal crafting use. You may add pictures to them, print them and resell them in bundles, or you can simply use them to tag other items you are selling. I will be posting free printables everyday, so keep a look out..................... and have fun!

All you have to do is click on the image, when it shows up larger on your screen you can save it or print it. Remember my digital files are copyrighted and may not be resold in their digital form! Thank you!

Candles, Candles, Everywhere....................

I use to make everything from dolls to candles. One of my biggest sellers, when I did craft boutiques were my grubby candles. After tons of experimenting and wondering just how to get them to have that old grubby, and chunky look, I finally figured it out! I bought candle molds, that I spent tons of money on, and I found the best results by not using a mold at all. Here are some pictures of some of my candles. I am going to explain and share my trick, so you can easily make them yourself with nothing more than a stove, 2 melting pots, water, a pitcher,  a pill bottle, a couple of old wooden spoons, and some old candles. Oh, and you can add scented oil if you want to. Along with some cinnamon and cream of wheat. Most of these ingredients and supplies you probably have just laying around your house. I bought a bunch of old candles at thrift shops for around $.50 to $1.00 a piece, which is cheaper than buying a 5 or 10 pound block of wax at your local craft store!

 Beautiful electric grubby candles. So fun and easy to make! This ones main shape was created using a simple round pitcher.
 My beautiful little bunt pan grubby electric candle. I made the main candle with a small bunt pan to get the basic form. Then I melted my chunky wax to stick over my main shape.
 A bunch of grubby electric candles.
 Hand dipped grubby candle sticks. These are simple. You simply need to buy boxes of emergency candles. I bought a box of ten at the dollar store. Then you take your old chuck candles, melt them down, in a double boiler. So you need a big pot of boiling water, then you put the chunked wax in a separate pan, which you put in the pan of boiling water, so essentially you are double boiling to melt the wax. Note: you never want to melt the wax directly in a pan over a burner because it can catch on fire. You must always double up your pans, the water will boil and melt the wax. Do not ever leave your wax melting unattended. You will also need a pan of cold water,  a deep pitcher works well too. Then you want to dip your emergency candle in the wax, then the water, then the wax, then the water, repeat this until the candle is the size you want, do this and have a plate full of cinnamon, sugar, and even oatmeal or cream of wheat. When you get it to the size and shape you want, immediately after the wax before the water roll your candle in your plate mixture, the mixture will stick to your candle, then you can dip it a couple more times in the wax then water. You should soon notice the candle looking very grubby, chunky and dirty! There you have it grubby candle sticks! I use to sell these in a bundle of 3.
 A round pitcher was used to create the main shape of this candle.

 Below is a simple candle, that I created using my melting, and caking technique. It was a votive candle originally. Then I simply caked on the chunky wax to achieve this look.
Okay, so do you like my candles, are you wondering how I made them. Well they are not as hard as they seem. What you need is a bunch of old wax. I had odds and ends of unused candles, you can mix colors. or combine colors to make a set of red, or blue, or whatever. If you mix all of what you have that will work as well. Then you need two pans. One large pan for boiling the water, then a smaller plan which you will place the wax in, like a double boiler system. You never want to melt wax directly on the burner. You will also want a couple of pans, pitchers or small bowls for your main mold. What you want to do is place water about a quarter of the way up in your bigger pan, place on the stove to start heating up the water, you want it very hot, almost to a boil or boiling. (You will need to keep putting water in as it evaporates) Then you want to put all pieces of your melting wax in the smaller pan. Place wax pan in pan of boiling water, keep stirring until the wax melts completely down. Then you will use the bottom of your pitcher to pour the wax into. You can use a pill bottle, or some type of round salt and pepper shaker to place in the middle of the melted wax in the pitcher. This is so you will have a hollowed space for your electric light. Let the wax get hard. I found if you place it in the fridge it will get hard faster. Then when the wax is completely hardened you should easily be able to pop it out. Then you have to turn whatever you used in the middle until you can get it out. SO basically this will leave you with the first and hardest step done. What you do next, is melt more wax, this time you don't want the wax melted to a complete liquid, you can melt it down so its not as hot, as wax cools it will start getting chunky. Keep stirring the wax as it is cooling, and you will soon notice the wax looking chunky. If it gets to hard, turn it on hotter, and stir so its in between melting and hardening. Place your original candle form on a piece of wax paper. Then start to spoon the chunky wax onto the top of your candle. Keep spooning on to where you want it, and when you have achieved the look you want, stop and let it get hard! You can usually purchase the electric pieces around Christmas time at Walmart. many craft stores will have them throughout the year. You can also make the non electric candles by using the exact technique, but do it to an already made candle instead of doing the first step where you have to create your form! There you have it, CHUNKY GRUBBY CANDLES! Have fun!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Printable Grubby Hang Tags

I designed these tags by dying the actual hang tags with cinnamon and tea. Then I attached them to a sheet of paper, when I then scanned them to get a high resolution image to print. All you have to do is click on the image. When it shows up on your screen you can choose your "save as" option, and name the file so you can then find it and print it on your home printer. These are fun to add a little touch to your hand made items. I have attached old photos to them, and tied them in a bundle of six, in a little prim bowl on a shelf! They add a nice primitive touch to your home!

Have some printable fun! Just click and print, or click, then save and print! These printable tags are provided to you for free, this image is copyrighted by me so you cannot resell my digital image. You can print, cut out and use for personal use, or for craft boutique sales. Have fun, and let me know how you like it! Add Christmas pictures and hang them on a Christmas tree, or simply tie them to you prim dolls.

Some of my Raggedy Ann and Gingerbread Dolls

Add Some Glitter.........

For the last 15 years I've been creating Primitive Dolls. I got married young, had my kids young, and I had the need to express my creative side. Its like an addiction. I couldn't get enough. I tried a few patterns, then I learned that it was much more fun designing my own doll patterns. I sewed so many dolls and I sold them on ebay, and other craft boutiques. I had so much fun. I eventually went back to college to get my associate degree in Graphic and Web Design. 
 Here is a Primitive Raggedy Ann doll I designed. As with so many of my dolls, I created the pattern myself. I sewed her body from an old quilt. I stuffed sticks in for her arms. Her face was hand painted and her hair was maid from dark red chenille yarn. I stained her with tea, and added tons of glitter.

 My raggedy angels were some of my favorite designs of all. I cut their wings from old quilts, ad I stiffened them with a water and glue solution. Then I simply sewed a round pillow for their face. I hand painted their faces on, and I simply tied bunches of dark red chenille yard together and glued it on for hair. I actually stained the wings with tea on this doll as well.

 Now this is a simple and fun Welcome light I designed using the same quilted body doll pattern, and then I added a electric candle with a silicone bulb. I also sewed a bunch of little heart pillows, to stuff in the little wooden box. I added some greenery with berries to finish this little creation!

 This was one of my fun ugly Primitive Raggedy Ann dolls. I made her dress from an old curtain I found at a thrift shop, she has tin wings, red dyed rope hair, button eyes, and a painted nose and mouth! She was a really fun doll to make. I wanted her as ugly and primitive as possible!

 These precious little snowman faces were so popular on ebay. I simply cut them out of an old quilt, painted their faces, and stiffened them up with my water and glue solution! I sold them in a set of 12, and I added tons of glitter, of coarse. They sparkle nicely against the lights of the Christmas tree.
 Here is the skirt of one of my dolls. I gave it a quilted look with felt stars and hearts.
 Another one of my ugliest dolls. So ugly she is cute. I found her vintage little dress at the thrift shop. It says "daddys little girl" She was fun to make. Another so ugly she is cute doll!
 This was one of my Americana dolls. I made her around The Fourth of July. I used a crackle paint technique on her face. The picture below is another Welcome Light. I sewed these adorable Gingerbread  girls, put them in an old bowl with an electric candle wrapped with homespun. Lots of glitter to make it sparkle. There are also some hand dipped primitive candles in this bowl.

Every girl loves a little bit of glitter. Here at Creative Wonderland, I am going to post all my glittery crafting ideas. I will be posting free patterns and ideas for you and your kids to share. Everyone needs a little bit of glitter in their lives! I've designed  hundreds of primitive sewing patterns. I love creating ugly primitive dolls, and with a little bit of glitter, everything can be beautiful.