Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a busy summer.........

Oh my goodness, my summer has been crazy. I was looking forward to school being out so I wouldn't be so busy and now this summer, I've been even busier that during the school year! I've been having so much fun with my kids. Everyday we seem to find something to do, and I haven't had the time to even post to my blogs. I decided I needed to find a way to make money this summer so this last week I worked very hard on making some handmade items for the Provo Farmers Market! I decided to try headbands, baby booties, and some apparel out of recycled clothing! I will post pictures, tell me what you think!

I had bags of clothing that my family doesn't wear anymore, wool sweaters, t-shirts, and such. So I thought what the heck, perhaps I can make some stuff out of these clothes. I was pleasantly surprised at just how many cool things you can make with old recycled clothes. I used the wool sweaters for some of the headbands and baby booties. I also made some yoga headbands with my stretchy t-shirts, in one day, I sold almost $100.00 in mostly headbands, at the Farmers Market! They were super easy to make, and I can't believe what a hit they were!

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