Sunday, May 29, 2011

Add Some Glitter.........

For the last 15 years I've been creating Primitive Dolls. I got married young, had my kids young, and I had the need to express my creative side. Its like an addiction. I couldn't get enough. I tried a few patterns, then I learned that it was much more fun designing my own doll patterns. I sewed so many dolls and I sold them on ebay, and other craft boutiques. I had so much fun. I eventually went back to college to get my associate degree in Graphic and Web Design. 
 Here is a Primitive Raggedy Ann doll I designed. As with so many of my dolls, I created the pattern myself. I sewed her body from an old quilt. I stuffed sticks in for her arms. Her face was hand painted and her hair was maid from dark red chenille yarn. I stained her with tea, and added tons of glitter.

 My raggedy angels were some of my favorite designs of all. I cut their wings from old quilts, ad I stiffened them with a water and glue solution. Then I simply sewed a round pillow for their face. I hand painted their faces on, and I simply tied bunches of dark red chenille yard together and glued it on for hair. I actually stained the wings with tea on this doll as well.

 Now this is a simple and fun Welcome light I designed using the same quilted body doll pattern, and then I added a electric candle with a silicone bulb. I also sewed a bunch of little heart pillows, to stuff in the little wooden box. I added some greenery with berries to finish this little creation!

 This was one of my fun ugly Primitive Raggedy Ann dolls. I made her dress from an old curtain I found at a thrift shop, she has tin wings, red dyed rope hair, button eyes, and a painted nose and mouth! She was a really fun doll to make. I wanted her as ugly and primitive as possible!

 These precious little snowman faces were so popular on ebay. I simply cut them out of an old quilt, painted their faces, and stiffened them up with my water and glue solution! I sold them in a set of 12, and I added tons of glitter, of coarse. They sparkle nicely against the lights of the Christmas tree.
 Here is the skirt of one of my dolls. I gave it a quilted look with felt stars and hearts.
 Another one of my ugliest dolls. So ugly she is cute. I found her vintage little dress at the thrift shop. It says "daddys little girl" She was fun to make. Another so ugly she is cute doll!
 This was one of my Americana dolls. I made her around The Fourth of July. I used a crackle paint technique on her face. The picture below is another Welcome Light. I sewed these adorable Gingerbread  girls, put them in an old bowl with an electric candle wrapped with homespun. Lots of glitter to make it sparkle. There are also some hand dipped primitive candles in this bowl.

Every girl loves a little bit of glitter. Here at Creative Wonderland, I am going to post all my glittery crafting ideas. I will be posting free patterns and ideas for you and your kids to share. Everyone needs a little bit of glitter in their lives! I've designed  hundreds of primitive sewing patterns. I love creating ugly primitive dolls, and with a little bit of glitter, everything can be beautiful.

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